Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another wasted gem

Man do I ever feel for Roy Halladay. Once again the Jays ace went the distance only to end up on the wrong end of a 1-0 loss to the Red Sox who scored their lone run in the bottom of the ninth. To make matters worse, the run that won the game could have potentially been cut down at the plate had Vernon Wells not booted the the ball. After all it was David Ortiz who was running and although the ball wasn't hit tremendously hard, it takes an eternity for Ortiz to go 90 feet, let alone 180.

I suppose you could say Jim Lester spun a gem for the Red Sox as well, but the Jays complete lack of production on offense isn't because they're running into outstanding shit every night, it's because they simply aren't hitting, for whatever reason. They only managed two hits tonight while stranding seven. Basically they couldn't muster anything once again.

Halladay was noticably angry as he walked off the field, through the dugout and into the tunnel and frankly I don't fucking blame him.


  1. I always call him "Mo" Lester, even though it's horribly inappropriate.

  2. "I wonder if Roy Halladay will pitch another complete game and get tagged with the loss tonight, or the Jays are simply trying to burn him out by the end of May."

    You're a psychic.

  3. I'm sticking with Jim, he looks more like a Jim to me than a Jon...either that or I'm drunk.


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