Sunday, April 6, 2008

Hurry Hard!

The Wrench approves!I didn't see today's game, but Josh Beckett's obesity came oozing through Gamechannel. Roy Halladay gave up an alarming number of (solo) home runs, but F the T picked him up with a grand slam in the fifth. And it was a fastball! Which missed by a foot. But still, he hit it a long ass way. He was rewarded with a curtain call and an entire wild boar on the post game spread. Just for him. No sharing with Matt Stairs or nuthin.

One glaring negative for the Jays were the season-high four runs allowed today. Wait, four runs total? Jesus, the pitching has been retarded. They have given up 17 runs in 6 games against the Yankees and the Red Sox. Jeremy Accardo picked up the perspiration-scented save. He allowed the tying run to come to the plate, but had the good fortune of it being Julio Lugo. Game over Dr. Strangeglove

John McDonald received a day pass from Eckstein hell, and did Johnny Macish things. He drew a walk(!), made a ridiculous play and nearly killed Vernon Wells. Sounds like a good day at the office. In the media scrum following the game, Gibby said Eckstein had the day off because of a Lollipop Guild union meeting this afternoon.

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