Friday, April 11, 2008

One of the Fattest States

Coming off a piss poor effort against Oakland, the Jays stroll into one of America's most obese states on somewhat of a low. It's true Texas is home to 5 of the top 14 fattest cities in America, but no matter. Vincent Padilla takes the mound tonight to throw the Jays batting practice in what is sure to result in a Jay victory right? Normally I'd say yes, however last season in their only series at Arlington, they were outscored 21-7 and lost all three games. On top of that, they're only 6-22 in the fat state since the 2002 and have lost 16 of the last 19 games.

For some unexplainable reason, the Rangers are averaging over 6 runs a game at home versus the Jays and have scored more than 10 runs in 5 of these last 19 games. Add to that that the Rangers team ERA has been in the bottom half of the AL every year since 1991 and you get even more fucking confused.

Seems to me the Jays are better than their record indicates and I think most would agree. Shit, it's 9 games in and the panic button shouldn't even be within reach. They were swept by the A's, but were either tied or ahead going into the 9th inning of each game. The Bullpen let them down, and I seriously doubt the trend will continue for an extended period of time. They could have one all three against the idiot Yankees and swept the Sox and here we are.

Playing the Yankess and the Red Sox tough is one thing, and an important part of having a shot at the East, but if you can't beat the teams you're supposed to beat, you have no chance.

Fuck the Ghostrunner Curse.

NOTE - Sager over at another fabulous blog makes some points many fans need to read about the Jays keeping Reed Johnson, well done indeed.

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