Saturday, April 26, 2008

You can't handle it

That's right. You can't. It's April 26th and already you're hitting the panic button like someone needs to be fired, as though the season is lost. The Jays can't hit, we need to do something quick. If we don't, we'll be so far behind we'll have no chance for the post-season.

Hey dipshit, it's baseball. The season is 162 fucking games, not 40. Ever heard of the 2007 Colorado Rockies? That's what I thought. Last time I checked, the American league East wasn't won in April, so calm the fuck down Toronto. Does it suck the Jays aren't hitting and have lost five in a row? Yes, it most definitely does. Do we need to fire John Gibbons, royally fuck with the lineup and go out and find someone who will guarantee us production? No, we most definitely don't.

Everyone needs to relax and remember where the shit we are in the season. Yes it's true if they continue to play the way they are they can kiss any chance of a decent season goodbye, but I for one can't ignore that the talent on this team is good enough and has enough potential to turn it around and make you all eat your shoes.

The OPS Express is in the lineup tonight, Rios is getting hot and it's only a matter of time before the rest follow.

Have some faith.

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