Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Haven't I seen this before?

I'm pretty sure I did. I clearly remember sitting here on my couch watching the Jays lose to the Red Sox in the bottom of the ninth on a single up the middle. Although, who'd really expect to win games when you can't actually get players across home plate. Really, that is the goal of baseball, to get as many of your players to cross home, hopefully more often than the other team resulting in victory. Sadly, it appears they have forgotten just how to do this, resulting in yet another wasted pitching effort, this time by Dustin McGowan.

There isn't much more that can be said. If you don't score runs, you're not going to win very often. Last time I checked, scoring once or twice a game just doesn't cut it. McGowan continues to show that he just may have the stuff to be a #1 one day, and I for one am not at all surprised. David Eckstein continues doing a great job of getting out, and it seems he's shown Vernon Wells, Lyle Overbay and Aaron Hill how to go about doing it as well.

Watching Johnny Mac come in to pinch run and subsequently get picked off was indicative of just how it's been going lately for this team, and I can only imagine they feel like complete ass at this point.


The Habs lose to the horseshit Flyers. If there is a team I dislike more in professional sports, I'm can't think of it. Fuck Bobby Clarke.

The Phillies lose, like I give a shit. However, Ryan Howard continues to look like a complete waste of skin. Glad I picked him in the pool. He's batting .172

John Smoltz goes on the 15 day DL and indicates he'll come back as a reliever. Awesome, another blow to my shit dick fantasy team.

An all England Champions League final. Fucking right.

Other stuff is going on as well, but I have no time for any of it.


  1. Remember last year when you got all doom and gloom about Ryan Howard. Brother just doesn't start well

  2. I want to be in first NOW.
    My interest waivers.


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