Saturday, April 5, 2008

Doyle Brunson

Stay away from my Eckstein
Some reflections on today's game, a sound drubbing of an over-traveled Red Sox team. I was decidedly more sober attentive today and enjoyed the on-field product that much more.
  • As much as I hate to admit it, David Eckstein was a factor today. He still hasn't hit a ball hard all season, but his little excuse me single to right landed him two RBIs. I will begrudgingly admit that his hustle induced Julio Lugo's bad throw and deprived Sean Casey the time to apply the tag. Still, fuck David Eckstein. He was thrown out trying to steal by about 10 feet in the first.
  • Clay Bucholtz is for real. Despite his rough spring, he looked pretty good today. He appeared to exclusively throw offspeed pitches, even in fastball counts. The Jays seemed legitimately worried about scoring runs, bringing the infield in with the game tied in the fourth.
  • There were waayyy more Red Sox fans in attendance today. During an in-game video, one of the dedicated/knowledgeable traveling fans referred to the Jays as "the Toronto team". Right. Red Sox Nation is more like a fun club to join, baseball is obviously secondary.
  • Lyle Overbay is bound and determined to make me love him. He's raking, it's great.
  • A Buck Coats sighting almost made up for the lack of Johnny Mac and Brandon League the last two days. Almost. Free Johnny Mac.
  • I drank a lot last night. Like, a lot. Today wasn't fun, and no amount of Bud Light (ugh) could salvage it.
Josh Beckett makes his first start of the year tomorrow. I wonder if he's shed his glorious winter weight yet?

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