Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The dog days of...April?

Following up on my counterpart's post the Jays limp into Boston to take on a team mired in a similar funk as the Jays. The Sox looked like they were getting ready to pull away from the rest of the East before they thought better of that idea and began to suck like nothing else. Sound familiar?

So, as it stands the Oakland A's have the best record (for what it's worth) in the American league. I wonder if Roy Halladay will pitch another complete game and get tagged with the loss tonight, or the Jays are simply trying to burn him out by the end of May. Either way, both teams need these games even though it's still April. Odd as it is most teams in the American league are playing like clowns with little desire to win it would appear.

Much has been made lately of the Jays complete inability to hit with runners in scoring position. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe they're about 8 for their last 342 in that regard. Teams go through stretches such as this, but this one is particularly bad and needs to change or forget about it.

Prediction for tonight - Manny Ramirez will be caught on camera sitting out in left field in a director's chair, eating nachos and talking to Pedro Martinez on his cell phone. Fuck the cold, Jays win.

Note - Frank Thomas went 3 for 3 in a 14-2 rout last night out in Anaheim. Get this, he hit a triple for the first time since he was 13 year old, playing little league in Georgia. This brought his sparkling average up to .197 for the season. I fully predict and can't wait for the moment in during the season where we here this, "Toronto just gave up on me, I always start slow and knew I'd turn it around come garbage time when this shit is meaningless and has absolutely no impact on the success of my team." I'm starting to get enough guys together for my Jays bus-crash team.

Watch for it soon.

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