Thursday, April 24, 2008

William Ball

That didn't take very long. Frank Thomas has re-surfaced with a team just a mere days after being released by the Jays. Shockingly he's ended up back in the Bay area with the A's, the team he "never wanted to leave" in the first place. I guess $18.2 million will make a man do anything.

Thomas was in the lineup today for the A's 11-2 victory going 0 for 3 with a couple of free passes as the DH. Oakland is only on the hook for just over $336,000 of the $390,000 league minimum salary that Thomas will receive, which I suppose no matter how badly he continues to suck can be seen as a deal giving the potential upside, albeit a small one.

Thomas was quoted as saying, "This is where I want to be". He's so full of shit. The deal was finalized within hours of him clearing waivers. Who's the tubby bastard kidding? He didn't even have time enough to think of "where" he wanted to be. A team offered him a chance to play, so he took it. There's no need to sugar coat it for Christ sake.

The bottom line was keeping him was far to big a risk for the Jays. He wasn't producing and didn't seem like he was going to start anytime soon. If he reached that magic plate appearance number, the Jays were on the hook for another $10 million next season, and call me a pessimist, but I just don't think Frank Thomas is worth $10 million. I don't think he's worth $5 million for that matter. It was a bad deal to begin with.

The A's should have considered Barry Bonds before Thomas, but I guess that's just too controversial for most teams to handle.

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