Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Weather is Improving

Just because I resemble a rake doesn't mean I canSadly, we won't need our Coats for long. With encouraging reports coming from within the organization (note: this organization is notoriously full of shit, so we will take our daily recommended amount of salt here) regarding the health of Scott Rolen and BJ Ryan, one must conclude that Buckskin Coats' days with the big club are numbered. Which is a shame. He did well in spring training to win himself a job, but figures to be the odd man out once Scott Rolen is ready to end lives and crack skulls at the hot corner.

With the Blue Jays current left field core being charitably described as ancient; Buck Coats has been a pleasure to watch as the de-facto late inning defender. He's played in 5 of the Jays' 7 games so far, but with only 2 ABs to show for it. On Saturday, Dustin Pedroia laced a double to left centre, and Ol'Buck nicely played the carom and fired the ball in to the cutoff man. It took me a second to realize that it wasn't Rios in left, but Buck after all.

His hot spring had the blogosphere digging around the interwebs for skeletons in his closet, only to come up with evidence of him not hitting well at the big league level. Despite his defensive prowess, he isn't likely to derail the Adam Lind OPS Express on its way (back) to the bigs. There just isn't room on this roster for another no-bat gloveman. They've already got the best in the business in that department, maybe he can play left too.

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  1. I quite enjoyed the title and reference to us no longer need our coats.


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