Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mike Wilner - Dan Shulman v2.0

If I was looking for a reason to love Mike Wilner (I already have plenty) I was gifted one via his blog today. He astutely pointed out that David Eckstein is bag of bones with no redeeming value. At least the bones are polished to a shine from all the grit and grinding. In his words, he is one of the Jays worst hitters. You'd have to pretty thick to argue that David Eckstein is anything but the Jays worst hitter. A commenter, in open defiance of logic and anecdotal evidence, questioned Wilner's reasoning. If he is so bad, why is he hitting lead off? Wilner's response was short, sweet and to the point.
Eckstein is batting first because he’s believed to be a legit lead-off man, which he’s not.
Ahhh, that hit the spot. Later on, Wilner hints at his career aspirations, while not looking to bite feeding/aging hands.
I’d love to eventually move into play-by-play, but I’m happy to wait my turn (not knowing if I’ll ever get one). I enjoy doing what I’m doing right now a great deal.
Understandably, his job is one to be envied. Serving up dollops of knowledge and perspective to the myopic Leaf fans that badger him daily can try the patience, but clearly this is the largest fish in our little pond.

Two Wise Men, and in no way offensive
The man that formerly held the title of Guy That is Destined for Big Things: Dan Shulman. The pride of Thornhill worked his way up the broadcasting ladder in a fairly conventional way (aside from studying something worthwhile ie. not broadcasting in university). He was the voice of the Blue Jays on TSN for 7 years before the allure of ESPN's dollars took him south where he does baseball and basketball. He and Buck in the broadcast booth were a pleasure to listen to, despite doing the bulk of their work during lean years in Blue Jaysland.

Wilner, like Shulman, found his way into broadcasting rather than pursuing it via education. So what is next for young Michael? As I stated elsewhere, having seen him on The Grill Room alongside Stoeten of Drunk Jays Fan fame, TV is not out of the question. The only question is where. One hopes that Mike Wilner will have the opportunity to ascend within the Jays organization/media, because if it isn't here it will surely be somewhere else.


  1. I firmly believe that cheapness is probably the first consideration when Rogers comes to hiring it's on air personalities. Why three colour guys paired with Jamie Campbell? Because three part-timers can be denied dental whereas one full-timer cannot. Why Jamie Campbell? He clearly loves his job so much he probably hasn't even bothered to ask for a pay cheque. As much as I'd like to see Wilner get called up to the bigs, he, like Schulman, would probably get plucked up by some richer club when he hit free agency. Losing the only sane voice out there in official Jaysdom would be quite a blow...

  2. So long as Sportsnet broadcasts Jay games, Campbell isn't going anywhere, horseshit or not.


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