Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Eff the Tee & an early overview

For a notorious slow starter, so far April has been somewhat more productive than usual for Frank Thomas. I'd have put the over under on his 3rd home run coming around July 2nd or something. 10 RBI through 7 games has me equally bonered. In fact, the Jays bats seem to be coming around which, if they keep getting quality starts, will only be a good thing.

Sure Eff the Tee is only batting .240, but that's the equivalent of .350 for him when it comes to the month of April. Aaron Hill is a fucking madman, and will prove my prophecy of a 2008 all-star birth quite correct. It would appear that Vernon Wells will more than improve on the dismal, injury plagued season of a year ago. And Alex Rios will hit .300+ without a problem.

Aside from yesterday's horrible outing, the pitching has been good, which was and is to be expected from these guys. I'm still convinced McGowan and Marcum can both win 12-15 games this season. I pray to Jebus hourly for the day I see B.J. Ryan jogging out to the mound in the ninth inning.

Although it's still early it is important to get big games early and develop some early momentum going into May, and a solid April builds confidence which can't hurt any team. Even great teams can get derailed by horrible Aprils.

I figure if the Jays can find a way to improve on their effort against sub .500 teams, October baseball may not be as far fetched as some people think.

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