Saturday, April 12, 2008

Local Baseball Side Stems Tide, Hope Briefly Restored

An excellent rule of thumb when wading through the interwebs goes like this: The bigger the audience, the worse the commentary. Example 1A and 1B of this depressing phenomenon are ESPN and the AOL Fanhouse. Even the blandest of debates quickly turns into a racial festival of hate or a battle of polemically uninformed opinion.

Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory
Drunk Jays Fans have a rapidly growing readership and have worked hard to achieve it, but of late the gnashing of teeth amongst the commenters is puzzling. The other day some anonymous guy expressed his disapproval with the Jays and their inability to win RIGHT FUCKING NOW. He's been watching this team for years and WANTS THE PLAYOFFS. Who in their right mind feels this entitled to anything? It's baseball man, 9 games into a 162 game season. The sun will still come up tomorrow, the Yankees were 8 games under .500 on May 29 last season, and still won the wildcard. The Jays lost three one run games in a row. Relax.

Somehow, this doomed bunch of selfish pricks managed to coax the Rangers into giving them a game last night. Despite their best efforts, the Jays rapped out 13 hits and managed to weather the Gingerstorm and that of their good for nothing, overrated bullpen to the tune of a 8-5 win.

Oft-injured Roy Halladay goes tonight against some kid named Mendoza. Hopefully Roy can keep his tibias intact this time around. I think we should fire JP because he hasn't found any studs like this young Mexican hurler. I wonder if the popless Jays bats will be able to stay above the Mendoza line tonight. LOL. Anyway, back to the Pro Sports Daily board.

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  1. I couldn't agree more. The number of people freaking out on Wilner's blog about how we're fucked for the playoffs cause we got swept by the A's is rediculous. Glad to see you're still one of the sane ones.

    - Brandon


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