Sunday, April 13, 2008

Phoenix in Flames

Inglett basked in his light, and went on to change the worldA very large, very burly Christ-figure tossed the warm-up ball to a man's man, stuffed a fresh stick of gum into his mouth, and descended from the heavens to anoint the sores on the feet of all men pure of heart and Blue of Jay (?? Just go with it).

This Biblical resurrection goes against the advice of the highly credible unlicensed medical practitioners that congregate in the dark corners of the Blue Jay fandom. Jesus didn't rehab for a year, he went shopping like everyone else on Saturday and was back to work Sunday. I don't think 364 days from injury date to return is unreasonable. Who knew that Dr. James Andrews posted as "Leafs67lolz" in the local chat room.

The enormous smile on Roy Halladay's face indicated to me that this is no small feat among players. Halladay barely cracked a smile after his comprehensive pimp-slapping of the Rangers the day before. The psychological boost from having their massive closer at the back of the bullpen hopefully will buoy the rest of the staff, even though his work rate won't be full blown for a few weeks yet. I forgot how LARGE Ryan is. He could shield the huddled masses under his lats.

There was some scorched earth in the trail of Big Jesus Ryan, as the club sent Brandon League down to AAA to get some work and/or remember how not to look like you'd rather be managing an Office Depot when on the mound. As an unapologetic Lil'Leaguer, I hope this serves as the same type of pant kicking that saw League have a great spring. He was fighting for his job then and looks like he's fighting for one now.

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