Monday, April 28, 2008

Look! I've Happened Upon Some Cherries

Perhaps I shall pick them.

Toronto Blue Jays record in games started by John MacDonald at shortstop --> 3-1. That doesn't necessarily mean anything, but it suits my agenda, so I will abuse that tiny sample size/insignificant fact for all it's worth. Which isn't much.

Here is a startling bit of news: Johnny Mac isn't a great hitter. He did have a double and a run scored yesterday, but he's no Ernie Banks. More news: David Eckstein can't hit either. Maybe I'm crazy, but flaccid bat + virile glove + hitting 9th with no questions asked is greater than half-stock bat + insipid glove + giant hole at the top of the order until someone dies.

While this unscientific data may help me preach to the choir, the Toronto Blue Jays accountants see only dollar signs. Eckstein is being paid $4.5 million this season, McDonald $1.9 (we shouldn't discount the $50 000 bonus if J Mac were to be named MVP. The same bonus he would be awarded for a Gold Glove. Time for a new agent.)

Maybe there is more to it than the team getting a return on its investment. Perhaps it has to do with promises kept. David Eckstein took a discounted, one year contract from the Blue Jays after a sufficient multi-year deal failed to materialize from the Cardinals. JP and the Jays got him on the cheap, and likely promised him all the AB's he could ever want. He gets the opportunity to earn a bigger, longer contract somewhere else while the Jays make good on a promise to a free agent. A detail that JP wouldn't be ashamed to point out to future free agents in the negotiation process. A shrewd, wise move for everyone.

Except me. Free Johnny Mac.

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