Saturday, April 19, 2008

Not mincing words

To no one's surprise Frank Thomas was seen riding the pine today when the Jays took on the Tigers. Evidently he was spoken to by manager John Gibbons sometime in the morning before the game. I'm quite sure his absence was due to his lack of offensive production of late.

Thomas was quoted later on as saying, "Sixty at bats isn't enough time to make that decison, I'm angry. I know I can help this team. My career isn't going to end this way."

Whoa, what's with the drama Frank? No need to be a cry baby. You're play over the past couple of weeks could be defined as shit you realize. It's one fucking game, act like a professional. FYI - Zero at bats is enough time to make that decision if YOU'RE THE FUCKING MANAGER.

You go on being angry, you and your .167 average.

UPDATE - Thomas can go on being angry for different reasons now as TSN is reporting that
Thomas has been released by the Jays. I for one am not at all surprised.

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